We are seeking your support this year to help us take the next step on an exciting venture.
Permanent accommodation for the Co-Ordinator is an urgent need here because it is necessary to have the Co-Ordinator living on site to oversee the running of this centre.

Until now this charity has benefited from the fact that the Co-Ordinator has lived in her own property which is just across the road. Following her retirement in April, Ruth and her husband will continue to live in their home and so it is not currently available for purchase.
For some time the Board has recognised the need for more permanent accommodation for the Co-ordinator and with the co-operation of our partner charity, the Society of Retreat Conductors (SRC), plans are at an advanced stage for a new house to be built on part of the Steading site, which is directly across the road from the Coach House. This is owned jointly by both charities, with the Coach House owning 33% and SRC 67%.

Planning permission has already been obtained, but we are awaiting detailed costings for the new building and ancillary services, as progress has been severely pushed back by the pandemic. SRC, as co-owners of both the Coach House and the Steadings, will of course be contributing their 67% share of the costs. The bulk of the funding is already secured. However, the Coach House trustees anticipate we will still need to raise £35,000 to complete our share.

Architect’s sketch showing the new house to the right of the current old farm building. These old stone barns require extensive renovation and will be kept for future development, except for the most dilapidated rear structure which will be demolished. The second photograph shows the site where the new house will be built.

This is an exciting venture for the Coach House Trust: which we hope will help the current work to continue and enable further growth to evolve. If funds exceed what we need for building the new accommodation, we have hopes and dreams for renovating and developing the old stone building and grounds.
Please will you join with us and support this project by making a donation. Your contribution of whatever amount will help us to raise the remaining funds that are still needed.
Or if you prefer to contact us directly about making a donation please email us on office@coachhousekilmuir.org
If you have a fund raising activity that you would like to organise, we would love to hear from you!
Please would you hold this project and all involved with it in your thoughts and prayers as together we seek to support and extend the work of this charity.

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